Wedding Photographer in France

Wedding photographer Alsace France - Photographe Mariage Alsace

My vision

Behind the camera, I love to capture candid photos, raw emotions and documentary-style shots that, hopefully, you will keep close to your heart for a lifetime. I will not ask you to pose for every photo. I will let you know beforehand that for most of the day, you will not have to pay attention to me. I will be the quiet one in the background-- there to capture every moment in its beautiful uniqueness.

I photograph weddings all around France and will be happy to travel in all different regions of my beautiful country to discover your project and what you have in mind for your wedding.

Your wedding in France

The day has finally come, you are getting married in France. Wether you’re from France or elsewhere, having your big day in the country of Monet and the Eiffel Tower is what you have been dreaming of.

If getting married means :

  • Having fun and spending time with loved ones
  • Celebrating love, family and friendship
  • Wearing a dress and a suit that you feel the most beautiful in, a gown and suit that will show your true personality
  • A party with the most important people in your lives–rather than hundreds of guests you don’t even know
  • A wedding in a unique venue you have hand picked for its beautiful surroundings and the elegance of its ballroom

Guiding you though your emotional and magical day

Sharing your story is essential and knowing you is a part of the process of capturing your true emotions with heart and should. I know how much you are going to want to have a calm and gentle person by your side to whisper to you that everything will be okay while you’re getting ready.

When things get stressful and all you want to di is to cry, it is also my role to let you know that it’s only for the best and that you are the most beautiful to get married to the love of your life.

On the wedding day (or week), you want a photographer that is going to be here in the most intimate moments with your closest family and friends, and who will share with you the tears of joy, the laughter and the surprises.