Wedding photographer in France

I photograph weddings all around France and will be happy to travel in all different regions of my beautiful country to discover your project and what you have in mind for your wedding.


If getting married means :

Having fun and spending time with loved ones
Celebrating love, family and friendship
Not necessarily following the rules of a traditional wedding
Wearing a dress and a suit that you feel comfortable in (colored pants for the suit, a wooden bow tie, a pair of converse, a dress that’s not the same style you see in every wedding magazine
A party with the most important people in your lives–rather than hundreds of guests you don’t even know
A wedding in a unique location such as a garden, by a pool, in the woods, etc

GOOD NEWS, we will get along very well ! Capturing a wedding is intense and each one is unique I need to know that what you want is what I can offer and that we are on the same page. I also need to know YOU, your thoughts and feelings, etc. Sharing your story is essential and knowing you is a part of my job. On the wedding day (or week), I will be there in the most intimate moments with your closest family and friends, and will share with you the tears of joy, the laughter and the surprises.

Behind the camera, I love to capture candid photos, raw emotions and documentary-style shots that, hopefully, you will keep close to your heart for a lifetime. I will not ask you to pose for every photo. I will let you know beforehand that for most of the day, you will not have to pay attention to me. I will be the quiet one in the background– there to capture every moment in its beautiful uniqueness.

Qu'est-ce qui vous plaît le plus dans mon travail ? // What do you like the most about my work ?

Comment m'avez-vous connu ? // How did you find out about me ?