Photographe Strasbourg France

Hi, my name is Fanny and I love to photograph people ! I am eternally 25 (in reality it’s more like 30 but that’s not important 😀 ) and love to travel the world. I also love being home, with my other half and our pets : our beloved parrot bird that acts like our child, and our lovely bunny that act like a cat. Talk about a family right…

I consider myself an introvert, I am not shy and you will probably not see my introvert side but I feel happy when I can recharge my batteries on my own and be in my own little world.

I am a wedding photographer and have been photographing couple in love since the last 6-7 years in France and around the globe. I have shot wedding in France, the USA, Germany and Switzerland so far.

I never really knew what to answer when people asked me « what do you want to do when you grow up ? » now I am so proud to say that my job is to make people happy, to provide them with memories of one of the best day of their lives.

I chose this path to make sense of my own life, to capture others and help them relive happy memories through my photos. I like to photograph people the way they are, sometimes vulnerable and sometimes strong. I like to know that people trust me enough to feel that they can be themselves and let me capture the essence of their relationship. Around me I want everyone to feel relaxed and at ease, knowing that their only job is to be in love with their other half. The rest is up to me:)

I am :

  • Vegetarian and in love with every animal
  • Addicted to my phone
  • Harry Potter fan
  • Always ready to jump on a plane to photograph something cool and fun
  • A youtube binge watcher
  • Fluent in both french and english