A few questions

What type of photography do you take ?

I am a wedding photographer and specialize in intimate, fun, relaxed weddings.

What is the price rate for a wedding ?

My wedding packages including photos the ceremony, cocktail, family and couple photos start at 1400€ and will depend on wether you are interested or not in photographing the getting ready part of the party, but I will make sure that depending on what you want, you will get an offer that's made for you and the amount of time you want me there.

Where do you work ?

I am based in the east of France but I travel all around the country for weddings. I will be more than happy to follow your journey outside of France as well anywhere in the world.

How long before the wedding do we need to contact you ?

Honestly the sooner the better ! I have inquiries a year ahead or even two years ahead sometimes so to make sure that the day is still available. I can only shoot one wedding a day so feel free to write me as soon as you know you're getting married.

Can we buy wedding albums from you ?

Absolutely, I have a whole series of albums you can check beforehand and add to your package. Once you have decided what album you want, all you need to do is choose the photos you'd like to have printed inside the album and I will be in charge of creating the different pages for you to proof and send you the album home once the finished product is done.

How many photos will we get ?

This will depend on how many hours I am shooting at your wedding but usually my clients don't get less than 400 photos, edited and in JPG. For a full day, I would say generally between 600 and 800 photos edited.

We are not models and have never been in front of the camera other than for family photos on phones or compact cameras, will you help us feel more comfortable ?

No worries at all ! Mostly everyone on my website has never been in front of a camera before. The couple I photograph are simply people in love and not professional models. As long as you are able to just relax, be in love with your other half, the rest is up to me. I will try my best to help you forget that I'm here pointing a camera at you. All you need to do is be yourself at 100%:)

What gear do you use ?

Mainly prime lenses, I shoot on two 5D MarkIII bodies and use a 35mm, 50mm, 85mm and 135mm. Looking into buying a miroless camera in the near future to complete this collection of gear.

How many weddings a year do you shoot ? 

I would love to say as many as possible, but the reality is that I can't be as good and productive if I shoot over 25 weddings a year. For me the ideal number is between 15 and 20. Beyond that, the quality of my work would decline and that's NOT an option ;)

Do you take family photos at weddings ?

Of course, it's essential for me to capture the whole wedding and sometimes it's also very important to have just a few posed shots with your parents and grand parents for exemple. These photos will be cherished by your family members so if that's something you're willing to do on the wedding day, I will be more than happy to shoot family photos, wedding party photos in a more posed approach than the rest of the day. They compliment the wedding candids :)