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I am a destination wedding photographer who loves to travel and discover places and people. It’s classic you might think, but it’s true ! After high school in France I spent a whole year living in the USA (in St Louis, Missouri) and this made me fall in love with a country full of opportunities and wonderful people I met. I started realizing that so many beautiful places where out there and ready to be discovered !

After a few years, I was lucky enough to travel to Australia and stay there a bit and what an experience that was ! I am also very fond of just crossing the border and going to Germany for the week-end, making a stop in Switzerland or England… Europe is beautiful and I think there are a lot of places that still need to be seen.

Regarding your wedding, finding your photographer can be a hard task, you need to let your heart guide you to find that one person that you will trust and sometimes, this person might not be in the same country. That’s okay with me, packing up my bags and camera gear to photograph a wedding in Europe, America, Asia or Australia for example will always chear up my heart and photographer soul !

Bucket List of places I would adore shooting a destination wedding : 

Ireland, Scotland, England
Australia, Isle of Skye, Iceland
Around the USA, Canada, Tuscany