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I could bet that whenever someone says Normandy, you would automatically think about the cliffs of Etretat wouldn’t you ? Céline and David, a beautiful French couple chose to have their wedding photos taken there in the beautiful landscape that is Normandy in the north of France. This place holds a special place in their heart being where David proposed to Celine in front of the chapel, on top of one of the hills. After photographing their wedding day, they asked me if I was keen on joining them in this adventure and of course my answer could only have been a big YES ! I’m always more than happy to follow anybody that wants to have a photoshoot anywhere in France or in the world.

These people are not only beautiful outside but genuinely amazing people on the inside ! We spent two days together in Etretat, Normandy and what a blast we had from waiting until the sun would set, to taking photos in the almost darkness only using the lights of the city as sources of light. I am so thankful to have such amazing clients that trust me with their wedding photos and also take me on adventures with such a beautiful attitude and kindness <3 <3

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Photographe mariage Normandie EtretatPhotographe mariage Normandie EtretatPhotographe mariage Normandie EtretatPhotographe mariage Normandie Etretat